Friday, 18 February 2011

Dirty Rockin' & Rollin'!

This morning's trip to the post office/PO Box saw me sending a consignment of prints to Kings Framers in Lewes, my latest stockist, who got in touch after seeing "Up Over The Downs" at London Art Fair.

I also picked up aforementioned copy of The Dirty Mag. Thankfully, this isn't some tedious retro-billy rehash, but a great publication if you are into the less obvious facets of lo-brow culture. It's A5 in format, thoughtfully designed and exceptionally well printed. This issue, which is the 3rd, is a corker, certainly not just because of the article on Hi-Artz Press on p.32, but also the "electric" multi-process print work of Andy Fisher, Honkeyfingers lino-cuts and blues recordings, Gary Margerum's black and white reportage photography, featuring Ken Fox's Wall of Death... and plenty more. Buy it and find out!

I'm still working on the second of the glider prints. Bit of a bugger to get right, but I will win!

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